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Moroccan mosaic tiles, also referred to as zillij, Moorish, Andalusian or Fes tiles, have an antique look because they are authentically handmade. Our master artisans in the ancient Moroccan city of Fes, the center of Moroccan hand-crafted tile, employ traditional techniques of cutting and glazing zellij tile. The result is an unparalleled richness of color and quality of craft. Seen today throughout Morocco as well in the Spanish floor and wall tile of the Andalusian region, mosaic is a treasured element in many traditional Mediterranean floor and wall coverings. Mosaic House, a centuries old family business, is pleased to carry on this tradition and make it available to today’s designers and home owners. Tapped to work on the Alhmabra restoration, Mosaic House is the world’s leading manufacturer of mosaic tile. Renowned for our quality and craftsmanship, Mosaic House is the choice for today’s top designers. A full range of colors ranging from soft mother of pearl, to deep cobalt, rich red and sparkling turquoise , as well as an enormous selection of both traditional and contemporary patterns creates a selection of tile broad enough to encompass any design scheme. Consider using a traditional pattern in contemporary colors – the possibilities are limitless. Not only are mosaic tiles ideal for floor and wall applications, but they can also be used to decorate fountains, walls, swimming pools, arches, fireplaces and columns. Tile is also an inspired alternative to traditional stone products like marble. The kitchen and bath are two areas that lend themselves particularly well to mosaic tile. Today neither of these rooms has a purely utilitarian function. The kitchen has become the warm heart of the home, while the bathroom is a private sanctuary that is both inviting and pleasant to enter. Designers often incorporate mosaic tile into the kitchen backsplash, on countertops, the sink, in the bathroom, on walls and as a floor. The irregularities in shape, texture and color that come from hand-finishing are typical of Moroccan tiled floors and walls. Our zellij tile creates a hygienic surface that is both waterproof and easy to maintain. Additionally, the smooth finish is a beautiful accompaniment to rough, natural surfaces such as stone or wood. You can view many kitchen and bath ideas, as well as countertops, foyers, and other spaces on our portolio page.